5 Lip-Smacking French Desserts Should Never Ignore in Paris

Paris boasts different places, sites, cuisine, and other important things that force tourists to visit this country again and again. Eiffel tower is one of the biggest tourist spot of Paris in the world but it is also known for its art of pastry and deserts. Have you ever though that what Paris tastes like? We need a single word to explain the answer of this question that is ‘’Sweet’’. When it comes to sweets or desserts, Paris holds a prominent position and makes world class pastries, cakes, and desserts. There is no doubt that everything is lip-smacking and forces you to visit this country. If you are a professional food blogger or a foodie, you can fly to Paris just to check their amazing delights. Travelling has become easier nowadays because coupon.ae is providing Etihad promo code that helps you book your tickets in advance and at discounted price. So, you can manage your tour even if you are on budget. Let’s discuss some important delights of Paris that you should try by visiting their restaurants and sweet shops.

Éclair au Chocolat:

This sweet is a combination of chocolate cream filling and choux pastry. It looks highly beautiful and really amazing in terms of taste. There is no doubt that this sweet is really wonderful and easily available in every restaurant of Paris. So, if you are exploring Paris with your kids then don’t forget to give it a try.


It is a perfect amalgamation of hazelnut praline cream and mouthwatering choux pasty. It looks like a rounded wheel and incredibly mouthwatering. It certainly attracts you due to its comforting shape and scrumptious taste. It is a popular sweet of Paris and a worth-trying item. So, what are you looking for?


Paris has offered plenty of delights, sweets, and pastries to the world, but these macarons are just exceptional. It is one of the most oh-so-delicious delights of France and you can easily find it at every local sweet shop or restaurant of Paris. Want to visit Paris? You can plan your trip without thinking about budget because coupon.ae is giving Etihad promo code. Apply this promo code at the checkpoint and take concession on the price of traveling fares.

Mont Blanc:

Just like Mont Blanc, you can’t go wrong with this dessert. It consists of chestnut cream and meringue combination. The shape and taste of this cake is just exceptional. It is really amazing when you eat this cake with coffee or tea. You will love to eat it again and again due to its yummiest taste and recipe.


You will surely purchase this cake before checking its taste due to its decoration and eye pleasing look. It boasts the sweetness and tartness of rose, raspberries, and lychees. It certainly makes you cry due its amazing taste. Discover different sweets and cuisine of Paris by visiting this beautiful country in a manageable budget with the backing of coupon.ae and Etihad promo code.