Hong Kong is known to be the seat of British power and the most adored place for visitors as the city exhibits a diverse culture. Known to be a business hub and the epitome of a technology-driven, it’s essential to know the historical avalanche of the country. Well, you can book tickets by Cathay Pacific  if you want to travel from Manila to Hong Kong. See the various options and know the historical interests of the city that should be on your ‘priority list’.

  • Lantau Island: One of Hong Kong’s scenic island is Lantau Island, known for attracting tourists living across the globe. You can avail of a boat trip and then explore the serene fishing villages, ancient temples as well as the shopping outlets. You may take a trip to the Buddha Statue, a giant figurine, and an iconic landmark of the city. The statue was built in 1993 and many dignitaries were called on the occasion of the opening ceremony. You may take a 25-minute cable car ride to the Ngong Ping. You will be spiritually driven at the Buddhist culture and practices in vogue.
  • Ten thousand Buddha’s Monastery: Visit this monastery which is a collection of over 12,000 statues of Buddha. The hilltop bears a wonderful ambiance of architectural excellence and meditation. Observe the hillside path lined with Buddha statues and the rest lies up at the monastery. The specialty of the statues is that no two figures are alike, all are different in the form of structure. You can explore the hilltop café, rest, and rejuvenate yourself. Hear stories about the historic city form your guide who will take you through some interesting facts.
  • SikSik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple: The SikSik Yuen Tai Sin temple is a wonderful place and a confluence of three different religions- Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. You will love the Chinese style pillars reflecting carvings, latticework, and also friezes. You have an interesting phenomenon here. Shake the cylindrical container holding numbered sticks and when the stick falls out to a fortune paper, you can determine your luck here. You may participate in praying, an act that involves kneeling down before the altar, and then make your wish. Well, it’s all about belief, but if you are lucky enough, some good opportunities might strike your way.
  • Po Lin Monastery: Visit the Po Lin Monastery that exhibits a shrine, Abbot’s chamber, a meditation hall, and also a scripture library. The interior of the hall is lavishly decorated and the colorful ceilings stand out to the public due to magnanimous structure. You may climb to the top of the structure to get a panoramic view of the courtyard. The vegetarian dishes serves here are made from the freshest ingredient, are awesome, and for any food lover.
  • St John’s Cathedral: Being seated as the oldest Anglican church of the Far East, St John’s cathedral is a beautiful spectacle. According to history, the church used to be the seat of Japanese soldiers during World War II and survived bombings. Visit the large memorial cross, next to the cathedral which is supposed to memorize the soldiers killed in World War I.
  • Stanley: Visit Stanley, a historic site that used to be the last stand of British and Canadian troops before their surrender in 1941. The venue has a lot of historic sites, market places, shopping arcade, beaches, and restaurants. Stanley used to be the administrative center for the British administration. Explore the main street, market plaza, college, park, and other attractions here.
  • Che Kung temple: The temple was built in the 12th century in memory of Che Kung, a military commander of the southern song dynasty. It’s worth visiting the temple having a huge drum, and a fan blade wheel of fortune. Well, take your time and explore this site; get indulged in the fantasy of religious history.
  • Man Ho temple: Man Mo temple was dedicated to the God of martial art, Mo Tai. The temple was known as students who used to come here to pray for success during the examination. This 19th-century structure is the largest and recognizable as the top grade historic building. You will be mesmerized with the coiled incense sticks hanging from the ceilings. You can pray in the main hall and feel the holistic pulse here.

Apart from exploring the places of historical interest, don’t miss the mouthwatering cuisines here. Hong Kong being a melting pot of cultures, imbibe the influence of culinary excellence. Try the specialty dishes and the theme restaurants that make the city a worth visit.