Experience Jet Ski Safari In Split, Croatia

Split has successfully emerged out of industrial backwaters and revitalized itself as an ancient city in Croatia. You’ll clearly see that life in Split, Croatia completely intersects urban life. An enchanting experience of laid-back city atmosphere, the intricate cobblestone streets forming the center of Diocletian’s Palace, and the active summer activities will guarantee a memorable family trip. Along with the glorious well-preserved Roman ruins, Split is famous for its sweeping beaches and rocky coves as well. Bacvice Beach is the most famous place for families during daytime and the hedonistic nighttime. The Jet Ski Safari in Split, Croatia is an adrenaline adventure to explore beautiful views of crystal-clear beaches.

Jet Ski Safari Split, Croatia

Be the daredevil and experience the ultimate sea adventure in Split, Croatia. The turquoise blue waters and pristine beauty of Split’s coastlines attract thrill seekers like you! Opt for Jet Ski safari in Split to feel fresh air through your hair while you unveil the secluded spots of the beautiful Ciovo Island. Situated near Trogir, Ciovo Island is one of the best rewards you get while you enjoy the thrilling Jet Ski safari in Split, Croatia. Ciovo Island is connected to Trogir by a drawbridge and offers a lot of ways to make your vacation memorable with picturesque beaches and bays.

If you really wish to experience the Ciovo Island and its beaches in the best ways possible, Jet Ski Safari Split is the answer. A ride full of fun and views worth the risk is what you should be expecting. The brand-new high speed jet skis provided to you makes your experience touch the peaks which you shouldn’t miss out.

Once you are done booking your Jet Ski Safari Split, get ready to enjoy the most precious moments. Starting your Jet Ski trip from Split, you’ll go through the crystal clear waters and explore the beaches where you can relax, swim and snorkel as well. The trip has so much to offer! Don’t forget to bring:

Swim attire


Beach Towel


During a Jet Ski Safari Split experience, you don’t just end your trip in an ordinary way but it’s a whole package which also includes sunbathing while you enjoy cocktails at the beaches.

Expected time required – 70 minutes

Time to relax – 40 minutes

Have you decided already?! Don’t wait and let’s explore Jetski rent in Split for you.

You will find several sites providing Jet Ski rent in Split, Croatia. Let’s get into the list of sites you can opt for.

Jet Ski Split- Rent your Ski Jet Now! (Starting from 130€)

One of the best ways you could enjoy a Jet Ski is with Jet Ski Split. It offers you a ride full of speed and sensation, Jet Ski Safari Split is full of adrenaline adventure starting from Matejuska port, Split, Croatia. Feel free and safe with the experienced professional guides and explore Ciovo Island in the most wonderful way possible. Max group size is 1 or 2 persons per Jet Ski.

Your thrilling ride with Jet Ski Safari includes a visit to Laganini Beach bar located on south side Ciovo Island and 40 minutes relaxation time at that location. You can snorkel and don’t worry about the snorkel equipment. It is included in the package!