Nietzsche’s anecdote at Lake Orta 

The amazing Orta lake in Italy is among the most beautiful ever for a number of reasons. Among these is his philosophical connotation which links him to Friedrich Nietzsche. No tombstone remembers him, but among the great characters that Orta has hosted is this contemporary philosopher who arrived on Lake Orta in the company of the young Russian Lou von Salome ‘(with whom he was secretly in love), her mother, Louise, and mutual friend Paul Rée.


Between the tormented German philosopher and the brilliant Russian girl there was, in the enchantment of the place, an uncertain moment of tenderness that some biographers then baptized the Idyll of Orta. Salome herself recalls the episode (in her memoirs published only in 1951): “Together we stopped in Orta on the lakes of northern Italy where the nearby Monte Sacro seemed to have fascinated us so much that we lost the sense of time: my mother he was offended because Nietzsche and I had stayed too long on the Monte Sacro”.

The fleeting idyll was perhaps a source of illusions and then of great bitterness for the German philosopher, who wrote to Paul Rée: “I was really sick for whole weeks, and if I tell you that I had twenty days from Orta, it is not necessary that says more “. Nietzsche hoped to conquer the girl thanks to the romantic and melancholy atmosphere typical of Lake Orta. It was this lake that inspired Nietzsche to write the work entitled “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” (Cusio is the unforgettable lake of Zarathustra). The book “La foto di Orta” by the writer Laura Pariani was also published on this episode.


Perhaps it is for this reason that it is advisable to go to Orta San Giulio at least once in your life, where you can experience unique emotions in their moaning by walking up to Mottarone. With its 1491 meters of altitude it is an ideal destination for all seasons. From the top you can enjoy an excellent 360 degree panorama.

A real natural balcony. For the uninitiated, from up there you can admire 7 lakes, including for example Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Lake Mergozzo, Lake Varese. Since you find yourself, try to make a visit to the Sacro Monte, stroll downtown and along the lakefront. For those who love walking, an excursion to the Mottarone is also worthwhile (you won’t regret it! The effort will certainly be rewarded by the beauty of the landscape that will captivate you.