Summer Adventure 2020: The Ultimate Australian Summer Adventure Guide

When we talk about the land down under, especially during these times, we couldn’t help but think of all the koalas and other wildlife who lost their lives during the worst bushfire the country has ever seen in decades. It’s heartbreaking, and we have no words for that.

While we pray that the ones affected by the fire recover the soonest possible, Australia is still safe to visit according to tourism officials—as long as you steer clear from the wildfire areas.

Despite the ravaging fire in some parts of the country, we need to remember that Australia is still one of the best destinations to go to during the summer! And we’re here to remind you of that.

Here’s the ultimate Australian summer adventure guide that you can count on to have the best of times when you visit the land down under this summer.

1. Surfing and Beach Fishing

Garie Beach is perfect for surfing and beach fishing. It’s a patrolled beach on the outskirts of southern Sydney. You can almost surf here all year round because of its consistent swells.

If you want to see other beaches in the area, Wattamolla is just 10 mins away from Garie Beach and it is perfect for beach fishing. Flatheads, Breams, Whiting, Mulloways and other kinds of fish can be found in this area.  It has a sandy beach where families can set up a picnic area and grill their catch of the day.

Also a few meters away from the beach is a sheltered lagoon, which has fishes as well that you can catch and a waterfall that you can swim in.

Of course, you need to bring a lot of items like rod and reel and surf attires if you plan to go beach fishing and surfing. Make sure you get the best luggage sets to help you carry everything you need for the trip.

2. Shark Diving

Feeling a bit crazy and adventurous? Sharks are waiting for you!

Shark diving is a thing in Australia and it can surely quench your thirst for adventure. If it’s on your bucket list to swim with sharks and observe them in their natural habitat, Australia is the perfect place to do that.

It may look like a death-defying stunt in real life, but it’s a highly stimulating once in a lifetime experience.

You can go shark diving at Osprey Reef in Queensland. You may also try the famous cage diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln.

3. Bungee Jumping

If you can dive with sharks, you can definitely bungee jump off an unbelievable height! Keep your adrenaline rushing and conquer your fear of heights.

You have two options on where you can do your most daredevil stunt yet—Cairns and Brisbane.

In Cairns, the Bungy site is situated in a rainforest. If you’re familiar with AJ Hackett, the man who started bungee jumping in New Zealand back in 1987, he’s the same man who runs the bungee jumping site in Cairns.

The one in Brisbane is located at the Kingston Park Raceway. You’ll be standing on a platform 40 meters above the air before you take that one crazy leap.

Whichever of the two locations you choose, bungee jumping, in general, is a thrilling experience that’s not recommended for the faint of heart.

4. Kayaking and Canyoning

Now, if you need to take a break from all the heart-stopping activities we’ve mentioned above, you can take the slow path and go kayaking and canyoning instead.

While these activities may also induce a bit of adrenaline, especially canyoning, both are considered family-friendly so there’s no need to worry.

You can abseil down a waterfall while wearing all the proper safety gear.

5. High-tech Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is so last season. Time to level up and try a technology-based hide and seek around Lake Daylesford using a GPS.

It’s an exciting game of treasure hunt with mind-puzzling activities along the way that will test your patience and your strategy.

This activity will definitely make the kids and the adults too feel like they are in an actual adventure!

Honestly, this is a personal favorite I’d recommend everyone to try.

6. Adventure Caving

If you’re a natural-born explorer, there would be nothing in this world to stop you from exploring caves and if possible, travel to the Earth’s center.

Well, while it’s nearly impossible for a common adventurer to go deep down the depths of the Earth without the right technology and equipment to help you through, adventure caving may as well be a satisfying alternative.

In Australia, there are a lot of adventure caving opportunities that you can try. There’s the majestic Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, but you may have to leave it out for this trip as it is in New South Wales where the bulk of the forest fire is located.

The Chillagoe in Queensland is another cave that you can go to. It has a fair share of bats hanging on the ceiling of the cave and cavernous chambers that will make you feel like you’re discovering the inner core of the planet.

7. Climbing and Abseiling

Australia is truly a go-to place for rock climbing and abseiling. From the rugged rocks of Brisbane to the cliffs in Sydney, this activity will surely put your core to the test.

Again, these types of stunts are for those who are mentally and physically prepared for the challenge. There are instructors that will accompany you throughout the adventure making sure that you have all the necessary equipment to ensure your safety.

8. Regatta and Ferrython

A regatta on Boxing Day is famous on this side of the world. Yachts go on a race out of Sydney Harbor to Hobart.

While the Boxing Day race was done last December 19, there’s one more regatta to watch out for this summer and that’s the Australia Day Regatta held every January 26, that has been running since 1837.

On the same day, a Ferrython is also held for everyone to see as this is a free event for all. It’s an extravaganza of ferries racing out of the Barangaroo Wharf to Shark Island and then ending it with a sharp finish at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

9. Snorkeling

There’s no other time than now to see the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral system on Earth.

It’s a natural wonder of the Earth, but because of its fast depleting state, it may be gone by the year 2050 according to environmental groups and advocate that closely monitor the Great Barrier Reef’s health.

You can go snorkeling to see the amazing display of nature and come to appreciate the biodiversity underneath the Coral Sea. It’s a great way to see for yourself the beauty of this place, and why we all need to advocate for the preservation of our oceans.

10. Swim at a Fake Beach

Streets Beach is a famous man-made beach in Brisbane, Australia. These fake beaches are swimming pools that are made to look like lagoons complete with sandy beaches and a tropical garden.

It’s a great summer destination that can easily help you survive the heat during the summer. And the best part of it all? The entrance is free.

You’re in for some great adventure and a lot of playing under the sun, so pack loads of swimwear and sun-protection items like sunglasses, sunscreens, and hats when you take that summer trip in Straya!