You can now bring cannabis into the Los Angeles International Airport in your carry-on bag (LAX). But there’s much more to this new law than the fact that you don’t have to stow your stockpile away in a peanut butter jar or pill box.

While LAX permits carrying 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of marijuana concentrate, other regulations overlap, clash, and impact this allowance. The rules governing the transportation of cannabis in California are changing, particularly in light of the divergent enforcement of state and federal marijuana laws.

Given that marijuana is legal in the state, once you are in the air, you are in federal airspace and, therefore, subject to federal regulations. If heading to Playa Del Rey, it is easier to use a weed delivery Playa Del Rey than risk being pulled aside for questioning. That said, here are considerations for traveling with weed in Los Angeles.

Only carry the allowed amount.

Remember that you are only permitted to transport 28.5 grams (or around an ounce) of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana. You should not exceed the required amount of weed products if you want to be on the right side of the law. If you’re debating if the amount you have is excessive, it probably is.

Understand the marijuana laws of the state you are flying through.

Although you can go through LAX with marijuana, it is still technically against the law in many places. To be clear, LAX does not recommend bringing an ounce of marijuana on a plane to another state, such as Texas, where it is prohibited. In Texas, it’s illegal to possess marijuana, so if you’re found out, you’ll be subject to the relevant jail time, fines, and penalties.

You might be okay if you take a flight from LAX to Colorado, where it is allowed to possess marijuana for recreational purposes. Do your research once again. You should also be aware of any marijuana accessories you may be carrying with you, as there are specific regulations for flying with drug paraphernalia.

The TSA may not be specifically looking for your marijuana bag, but that doesn’t mean you can take it through LAX security without incident.

You might be pulled aside for questioning.

The TSA primarily scans your bags for liquids, C-4s, and other weapons that could endanger the security of passengers, airline personnel, and aircraft when they are going through security. However, the agents may notify local law enforcement if they discover marijuana in your backpack.

It’s legal to bring one ounce of marijuana into LAX, according to the police. However, since marijuana possession is still a federal offense, TSA may stop you. If you are stopped, the TSA may contact the police to verify that you are carrying no more than the permitted state limit.

The endnote

To be safe, research all the marijuana laws in your destination before flying with it. If traveling to a marijuana legal state, it is best to purchase it there.