Croatia is one of the best European destinations when it comes to Private tours and exploring in small private groups.
Perfectly squeezed between continental Europe and turquoise Adriatic Sea this country is ideal to be explored through many of prearranged itineraries, those packages offered by specialized travel agencies include private chauffeur/guide, touring in high class vehicles and preselected accommodation and services.

Duration of the tours, of course primary depends on your available time , but let’s say that 10 days would be enough to explore and visit some of the most popular destinations in Croatia.
Most of itineraries start in Croatian capital Zagreb and then goes down to south, sampling life in Croatian region of Istria in the meantime.
Plitvice Lakes are natural phenomena that are too pretty and too famous to be excluded from any Croatian highlight itinerary.
Location of this stunning Croatian natural park is somewhere right in the middle between capital Zagreb and second Croatian largest city -Split.
Famous for its ancient roman palace, built in the turn of 4th century, city of Split is capital of the one of the most beautiful Croatian regions – Dalmatia.

Here you enjoy some of the best European sceneries, taste delicious and healthy Mediterranean food and have opportunity to swim in one of the clearest world’s seas. ‘’Mediterranean as it once was’’ that is right definition for this striking Croatian region.
All mentioned is just a part of what Croatia can offer, add to this world-famous attraction like City of Dubrovnik known also as ‘’Peral of Adriatic’’, more than thousand islands – 1244 to be more precises, stunning cities with a rich history, great gastro offer and world-class nightlife, and what more you could whish for. Croatia really seems like destination waiting to be explored. Some suggested itineraries for Private tours you can find by visiting local Croatian agencies specialized in Private Tours Croatia and region.